Lilo, Long Bay Emily

Happy and joyful Lilo loves everyone and is praised about the kind and open personality. Under the soft cover there is very active young girl. Lilo is a daughter of Toradalriada’s Loch Tulla “Ellie” and Arctic Pippin “Ronski” and lives in guardian family in Espoo/ Finland. Lilo is beautiful and has extremely good proportions and balanced ALD like comformation.

WALA registration number: WALA00035940
Australian labradoodle (ALD)
COI: 1,26% (10 generations)
 Chocolate, white markings, B/b or b/b, E/e, Ay/a (sable/fawn, carries bicolor/ solid), roan carrier
Coat Type: Wavy fleece
Size: Medium (15 kg/47cm)

Health Clearances:
CERF: Clear, 15th of March 2021
Hips: OFA Fair (B)
Elbows: 0/0 (OFA Negative)
Patellas: Normal
Genetic tests: DM: CBP, EIC: clear, IC: clear, Shedding: low, vWD: CBP
DNA Profiled: Paw Print

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