Full set of WALA stars for Long Bay Labradoodles

Long Bay Labradoodles is a member of World Wide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) and registers all its dogs and litters to WALA. WALA renewed Long Bay Labradoodles’ All Stars and Champion Six Stars rewards for 2021. Rewards must be renewed yearly basis.

Requirements for rewards

WALA Member Breeders are required to submit a Hip Clearance prior to mating that dog.

  • OFA preliminary or final result of Excellent, Good, or Fair*, over the age of four months.
  • PennHip .7 or better at any age over 16 weeks.

* OFA fair compares to FCI B2. Note: this results is a minimum level required for acceptance the dog for breeding program.

WALA Member Breeders are required to submit an Elbow Clearance prior to mating that dog.

  • OFA preliminary or final report of Normal/Clear, over the age of four months.

Additional tests and activities

In addtion to mandatory tests Long Bay Labradoodles tests every breeding dog for following tests:

  • Patellar Evaluation 
  • CAER (eye test renewed every 1,5y)
  • EIC
  • PRA/prcd
  • DM
  • vWD
  • IC
  • DNA Identity Profile clarified

Official parents’ health documentation is available for puppy queue families at the time own puppy is scheduled the arrive.

Before Puppies’ Go-Home Date

Before going home puppies from Long Bay Labradoodles have been:

  • Microchipped
  • Vet checked
  • Dewormed at the age of 2, 4 and 6 weeks
  • Temperament tested for pet purpose
  • Familiarized to Puppy Culture method
  • Socialisation training started: mall visits, play ground, potty and leash training)
  • FIX-registation and WALA litter registration done right after the microship numbers are available.

Puppies leave to new forever homes at the age of 8 weeks alongside puppy box and life time support from breeder. Every family must participate on “Homing Puppy” -lecture 1-2 weeks before the puppy pick-up. Lecture is available both in Finnish and English. Breeder also offers one year membership option in Finnish Australianlabradoodle ry.

Breeder develops her personal professional knowledge of breeding and caring for dogs continuously.

See more WALA Member Rules and Regulations.

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